4 mistakes in painting wooden house facade

Summer is a perfect time to paint a wooden house exterior, but if you don’t do it the right way, you might end up with a surface with tiny bubbles or even get the wrong colour that doesn't last long.

Common mistakes when painting wooden house interior, and how to avoid them

A well-painted house looks beautiful, but painting a home is more than aesthetics. The house surfaces work as an appealing element, and paint protects its structure from various weather conditions – sunlight, UV-light, rain. Therefore painting is crucial in maintaining a wooden house.

We have listed some points to consider to help you gain a long-lasting surface and avoid the most common mistakes. Here are our tips to make the most out of your painting.

Mistake 1. Careless preparations before painting

Often the wooden surfaces get dirty over time, so the first thing before painting a house exterior is washing the walls. By carefully cleaning the surfaces, ensure you get all the mould and stain away. If dirt and mould remain, they can come through the paint and affect the end result. Washing the surface thoroughly will ensure that the new paint adheres to the surface. If this step is skipped, the new paint will not set well on the surface, and the result might not be long-lasting.

wooden house painting tips

Mistake 2. Painting in an inappropriate weather condition

When painting outdoors, the weather must be considered. The best weather condition is a warm day with a cloudy sky, preferably around 20 degrees. Paint is not designed to be applied in wet conditions, so you must plan ahead and ensure that you can complete your project while the weather is dry. Also, the structure to be painted must be dry.

You should avoid not only wet weather but direct sunlight too. Painting in very sunny conditions is not recommended as the paint you are applying will dry too quickly, and the heat of the sunlight can make tiny bubbles on the surface while keeping the bottom wet and trying to dry.

Mistake 3. Choosing the colour from a screen

Choosing a colour for house exterior can be challenging. Phone screens and tablets allow us to discover a vast range of colours, but it is essential to remember that the final decision should be made from a paper colour chart. Colours displayed on screens may look slightly different depending on the calibration and brightness, so it’s difficult to select the precise right colour.

Always ask the paint store to mix a small sample of paint that you can take home and try out

Mistake 4. Choosing the wrong product

Finally, the paint must be selected based on the condition of the material and its surface. Painting the outside surfaces should be done only with exterior paint. This ensures that the colour has the longest lasting surface.

To get a good and lasting result in painting, use high-quality exterior painting brushes and wash them with a brush wash to wait for the next painting contract.


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