bohemian style home office with beige colour X459

Bring bohemian vibes to your home office

Working from home and wondering how to create a warm and inviting ambience for your workspace? The solution: cosy, earthy colours.

Tikkurila Feel the Color collection includes six pre-made styles with carefully curated colour palettes. You’ll recognize the bohemian style from the warm, rich colour scheme and the use of natural materials. Bohemian style works especially great for home office spaces; it creates an inviting, nest-like atmosphere to small spaces and brings warmth to bigger rooms. When decorating with the bohemian palette, you can choose a more saturated palette with deeper base colours or natural, airy tints – just stay away from monochrome palettes and keep your tints warm.

beige wall in home office workspace

Dreamlike workspace 

In this small home office the walls are painted with Tikkurila’s warm beige colour X459 Dream that is one of the key colours of bohemian style. Light beige colour gives a soft touch to the space and makes it feel harmonious and more thought-out. Warm-tinted wall colour combined with decorations made of organic materials create a relaxed atmosphere that is rare in traditional office spaces.

Carefully chosen details like rattan elements and ceramic tableware fade out the office look and knitted items like blankets soften up the overall look. Also, correct lighting should not be underrated when decorating your workspace. Soft shades, indirect lighting and organic materials like rice paper lights work great when creating the bohemian decor.

bohemian style home office workspace

Detailed work

Usually office spaces feel clinical, cold and not personal at all – because of the lack of personal objects. Carefully chosen details and meaningful items are an essential part of bohemian style and create an effortless but distinctive look with lots of personality. Let your personality and character show through the pieces that are important to you.

To create a comfy, stress-free zone, we recommend to use Tikkurila Harmony for a full matt velvety surface result. 


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