color of the year 2023 by Tikkurila

Color Now 2023 collection: When two lives intertwine

Envision your shared story in colours. What is the colour of the day you first met? The colour of being together? The colour of pure joy?
Tikkurila Color of the year 2023 Rosy Moment

V413 Rosy Moment 

This hazy shade of rose radiates warmth and compassion, a feeling of intertwined lives. V413 Rosy Moment is Tikkurila’s Color of the Year 2023. 

Y406 Riviera
Rays of sunlight play on the wall in the early morning, when you are slowly opening your eyes. A peachy, light shade warms your home and mind.
H320 Magnolia
Deep pink magnolia flowers are overwhelmingly lush. A bright and cool pink is the colour of spring.
J392 Wax
A bundle of small candles flicker and light the room. An intense yellow with a slight green undertone.
L478 Kestrel
Something familiar yet new and fascinating – a calm and earthy brown with a hint of cool red. Kestrel is a classic with an element of surprise. Tikkurila's Color of the Year 2022.
X501 Aubergine
The light hits the shiny surface of an eggplant, which shifts into a beautiful purple-green. If you take a closer look, you will see new shades each time.
M449 Grotto
Sculptures, fountains and, close by, a grotto covered in moss. A cosy, mossy green creates a comfy atmosphere.
S440 Silk Road
Gleaming silk waves softly. An alluring, carefree cyan tone works both as a statement wall and in smaller details, such as wall panels and door frames.
X447 Sea Smoke
A misty morning by the sea. A gentle colour where the light reveals flashes of green, grey and blue. Sea Smoke adds a modern breeze to the kitchen.

The Color Now 2023 collection is built around V413 Rosy Moment to bring out the best of it. Both prominent accents and light shades are essential parts of the collection: the colours make each other shine. 

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Surrounding the dusty rose, you’ll find light and gentle shades, rich tones of turquoise and yellow, and dark accents to sharpen the palette. All the colours of the collection are designed to fit seamlessly together. You can use them both on large surfaces and in small details. 

The inspiration for the Color Now 2023 collection is derived from empathy and compassion. V413 Rosy Moment conveys the fragile, yet empowering moment when two lives intertwine. The complementing colours are soft, gentle and muted. 

With this collection, we want to encourage you to let the moments of togetherness inspire you, and to paint with the colours that feel good and strong to you. 



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