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Color Now 2023 in your home: how to use the colour trends of today

Color Now 2023 allows you to create a harmonious palette, whether you’re looking for something clean and light or trendy and surprising.

Our lives are woven together. We touch each other, make each other feel meaningful. We colour each other’s lives. Through the Color Now 2023 collection, Tikkurila encourages us to be inspired by these meaningful encounters and the emotions they evoke in us. 

The Color of the Year: V413 Rosy Moment 

The Color Now 2023 collection is built around a muted rosy hue, V413 Rosy Moment, that radiates warmth, empathy and being kind to the people around you. Try this gentle colour in any space where you wish to have a sweet and soft atmosphere. 

The heart of the collection is accompanied by supporting colours, such as a bright and cool pink, H320 Magnolia, an intense yellow, J392 Wax, an earthy brown, L478 Kestrel, and a mossy green, M449 Grotto. The colours are chosen to bring out the best in each other and complement the Color of the Year, V413 Rosy Moment

A versatile palette creates a harmony of colours 

At the moment, we are drawn to a certain kind of nostalgia, and in home interiors, we are looking for something muted and soft, a harmony of colours. In the Color Now 2023 collection you’ll find both light and refined colours, such as X447 Sea Smoke, and interesting pops of soft colour, such as S440 Silk Road. Dark and delicious accents sharpen the palette: try, for example, X501 Aubergine or M449 Grotto on your bedroom wall. 

The collection is brought to life in a home where colours are cherished. This versatile palette allows you to build different ambiances: by choosing certain colours you can create either a cold-toned Scandinavian or a trendy and surprising vibe. 

Play with warm and cold tones 

Try playing with the colour proportions and combining cold and warm tones – variation creates an element of surprise and makes the style intriguing. If you’re hesitant about adding colour, start small: paint a piece of furniture, a door or a small accent wall. When the details are considered, the overall feeling is polished. 

The beauty in a home interior is that it is always evolving and changing. The colours in your home emanate the emotions and experiences of the life lived. 


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