holiday season painting with muted colours

Create a merry staycation spirit with muted tones

Holiday season is the time of tradition, but when it comes to colours, the world is your oyster. Red, green and gold are not the only options for end-of-the-year celebrations.

Christmas time is packed with traditions and expectations, but this year everything is different. It’s not advised to travel far or have big family gatherings, many of us end up spending the holidays at home with just close family or a few friends – 2020 is the year of staycations.

Even without the pandemic, old ways of celebrating just might not get you to the festive holiday spirit. How about you throw away all the assumptions of how to celebrate the holidays? The best traditions are those you create with your loved ones.

Traditionally, colours associated with seasonal holidays are red, green, white and gold – but they don’t always have to be. Red can turn into burgundy and instead of green, the main colour of the festivities can be navy blue, like Tikkurila’s L429 Indigo.

dessert table near a navy blue wall

Table is set next to a midnight blue wall. In the darkest time of the year, L429 Indigo matches the shade of a night sky.

Holiday season 2020 might be spent with just a few people for the reason of health and safety, so make it intimate and cozy. There is no need to spend hours in the kitchen preparing feast for a big crowd. With just close friends or family you can celebrate according to your preference. May it be takeaway or a lemon meringue pie, it’s the atmosphere and company that counts.

red colour table with Christmas treats and Domino game

After dinner bliss with family or close friends, playing board games and snacking sweets. Burgundy red table painted with M423 Pomegranate is a perfect canvas for holiday treats, mulled wine and a game of dominoes. Light from candles and dimmed lamps make shadows play on the surface. Moments make up the happy memories.

Mother and baby in red dress near a blue wall

Muted shade of blue, soft and fluffy moroccan rug and a hint of brisky red – a combination of a homey evening celebration. The blue wall makes a fine match with the earthy colour of the skirting board, V406 Harvest. This is the time to enjoy everything around you – also the present moment.

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