fee the color collection

Feel the Color collection

216 interior paint colours, six pre-made style palettes - and simple steps to make your vision come alive.

Feel the Color is more than just a collection of 216 carefully curated colours; it gives the tools and inspiration to create the desired atmosphere and style. The renewed colour collection includes also six curated interior styles Classic, Modern, Bohemian, Luxurious, Nostalgic and Eclectic.  

Each of the 6 styles comes with a set of easy-to-use neutral and accent key colours, which allow you to effortlessly re-create the desired look at home. The curated colour palettes makes choosing the colours for one's home easier than ever!

feel the color classic

The classic look of a modern home is achieved through a combination of neutral tones and elegant accents. You can create a timeless interior by favoring refined details and a natural colour palette.

Dreaming of a timeless interior? Bring out the classic side of your home with subtle hues of beige, light grey and white. You'll find just the right shades in the colour palette of Tikkurila’s Classic style.

Read more about style and how to use the colours!

>> Feel the Color - Classic style 

feel the color bohemian style

Cozy, earthy and built over time - bohemian interior style is rich and inviting, with natural materials and warm tones. This style gets its personality from spicy colours, unique treasures found along the way and effortless, hand-picked details.

To create a bohemian mood, find colour in exotic spices and the depths of nature. Give walls a natural tint for airy spaces or create a more saturated palette with deeper base colours. Don't forget abundant accent colours and wooden details to tie together the overall look.

Read more about style and how to use the colours!

>> Feel the Color - Bohemian style

feel the color luxurious style

Luxury - the word alone brings to mind precious materials, jewelry tones and gorgeous interiors. Create a luxurious ambience with velvety soft, carefully selected paint colours and sophisticated elements.

Seek for colour inspiration in the details of high-end fashion, exquisite restaurant interiors and precious design items. The colour palette of Tikkurila's Luxurious style offers you the perfect shades for a prestigious interior. In the decoration, play with soft velvet, smooth wood, bright metal tones, and exquisite glass and mirror surfaces. Textures help you create depth, which will give the room an attractive atmosphere.

Read more about style and how to use the colours!

>> Feel the Color - Luxurious style

feel the color nostalgic style

Nostalgia – that sentimental longing for the happiness of a former time or place – also serves as a delicious source of inspiration for the transformation of the home.

Nostalgic colour palettes are always current, so focus your attention to the past and pick your favourites of the mellow, earthy hues. Draw your inspiration from the key colours of Tikkurila’s Nostalgic style, which includes both calming shades of sand and brown as well as muted green and red. Be charmed by the fabulous homes of the 1960’s and 70’s and take a step toward a bolder entity. The Nostalgic style is characterized by rooms painted in warm earthy colours and beautiful, timeless design. 

Read more about style and how to use the colours!

>> Feel the Color - Nostalgic style

feel the color eclectic style

New inspiration and ideas are always just around the corner, so why not put them to use? Eclectic style is built on surprising and vibrant combinations as well as fearless use of colour.

Eclectic interiors are always an idea away from something new when it comes to using colour. These are the homes where you'll find unexpected shades on window frames, skirting boards and pre-loved furniture, as well as courageous choices on traditionally neutral surfaces. Feel a pink phase coming on? Just go with it!

Read more about style and how to use the colours!

>> Feel the Color - Eclectic style

feel the color modern

Simple and carefully considered. Modern interiors may be neutral and minimal, but they are far from boring. This modern style invites a discerning eye and confident, even bold choices with contrast.

For a contemporary ambience, rely on large neutral surfaces and add minimalistic, boldly coloured points of visual interest. Bring in bright accent colours to energize the mood of the room or use a more monochromatic palette of contrast shades for a calmer atmosphere.

Read more about style and how to use the colours!

>> Feel the Color - Modern style


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