feel the color luxurious style

Feel the Color - Luxurious

Luxury - the word alone brings to mind precious materials, jewelry tones and gorgeous interiors. Create a luxurious ambience with velvety soft, carefully selected paint colours and sophisticated elements.

The luxurious interior exudes elegance and glamour. You can bring this style to your home with a few thoughtful steps - even the most ordinary space will look luxurious when you choose the right colours for your walls. The colour palette of Tikkurila's Luxurious style offers you the perfect shades for a prestigious interior, where velvety light tones are complemented by rich accent colours.


Inspiration from past centuries


Look into past centuries’ interiors for inspiration. Jewelry tones, valuable materials and items that tell a story are an unbeatable combination. Give your place character with décor elements that take the mind to bygone years. Place modern minimalistic furniture alongside your antique items, and a luxurious look suited for the 2020’s is guaranteed.


In the decoration, play with soft velvet, smooth wood, bright metal tones, and exquisite glass and mirror surfaces. Textures help you create depth, which will give the room an attractive atmosphere.

feel the color luxurious style
feel the color luxurious style

Dramatic jewelry tones bring contrast to neutrals


Fall in love with the charisma of the luxurious style and start the transformation of your home with bold colour choices.


When you strive for a prestigious overall look for your home, you can already go a long way with paint. Seek for colour inspiration in the details of high-end fashion, exquisite restaurant interiors and precious design items. The darker colours of the Luxurious style are great for both large and small spaces, creating a sophisticated and intimate feeling. The light colours of the palette will make your home feel luxuriously spacious. You create a clean finish by ensuring a full coverage of the chosen colour. You will succeed with Tikkurila’s Varma primer and Harmony interior paint.

feel the color luxurious style
feel the color luxurious style
feel the color luxurious style

Luxurious key colours


The rooms in a luxurious home are painted in soft beiges as well as stone and pearl grey shades. These include F484 Chalk, G481 Mirage, H495 Tuft, and X477 Empress. The daring rich colours L429 Indigo, N417 Cherry and Y498 Midnight bring a touch of drama to the interi


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