dark colour terrace in pergola

How to treat and maintain terrace deck

Make your decking look fresh with a new layer of oil treatment. Here are some keys to success.

The harsh winter conditions might leave the decking of your terrace or pergola looking worn and bleached. If years have gone by without maintaining the terrace with proper care, the wooden deck might even start to crack and splinters cannot be avoided. The right kind of care will ensure the deck to be ready for use for the sunny summer days ahead.

Depending on the weather conditions, usage rate and whether there is a roof on top or not, the deck might need oil treatment yearly or at least every other year. Maintaining the deck regularly will make the terrace durable and fresh-looking.

dark colour terrace and pergola

Tinted oil will make the deck adapt to the surroundings. Thinking of spicing things up a bit? You can always change the overall look by switching the tint to a different one. Valtti Plus Terrace Oil has three shades: black, ash grey and brown, whereas Valtti Plus Wood Oil can be tinted with any colour from the Semi-transparent wood finished  collection. It’s good to remember that the colour and condition of the wood always affect the end result. It’s recommended to try the oil on a small spot first.

How to treat the wooden deck

What you need:
For cleaning the deck
- Terassi- ja kalustepesu cleaning agent
For oil treatment
- Valtti Plus Terrace Oil or Valtti Plus Wood Oil
- A scrubbing brush for cleaning the deck
- A brush or decking oil spatula for applying the oil
- Optional: an extension pole for the brush or spatula.


1. Protect the surfaces around the terrace.

2. Wash the terrace to remove any traces of previous treatments and dirt. Use Terassi- ja kalustepesu cleaning agent: mix 0,5 liters of the cleaning powder with 5 liters of water. Let the compound cure for 15 minutes and mix before use.

Spread across the whole deck with a brush and let it stand for 30 minutes, but don’t let it dry. Scrub carefully and rinse with water. Allow the surface to dry until the next day.

3. Apply the oil, either Valtti Plus Terrace Oil or Valtti Plus Wood Oil. Use a brush or a spatula with an extension pole and apply the oil to two or three boards at a time. Use a moderate amount of oil and spread it continuously throughout the surface to avoid any visible edges.

Allow to dry for 15 minutes and wipe the surface with a dry cloth. Allow the deck to dry until the next day.


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