Ideas for the bedroom: paint the walls and nightstand in matching shades

Ideas for the bedroom: paint the walls and nightstand in matching shades

Maiju Saw blogger Maiju Saha stylishly painted her bedroom wall, decorative molding and nightstands all in the same shade. Cloister gray was chosen as the color to create a cozy mood in the sleeping space. The new look was created over a single weekend - here’s how you can give your bedroom a stylish makeover just like Maiju.

Maiju had hoped to use the clay-gray shade V487 Cloister in her bedroom, and confirmed her choice using one of Tikkurila’s large A4 color samples. Full-matt Harmony interior paint was chosen for the wall paint, as it provides the best level of gloss for an atmospheric bedroom. The nightstand and decorative molding were painted glossy with Helmi furniture paint to make them stand out against the beautiful matt wall surface.

When you choose a Tikkurila interior paint and tint it with a shade from the Feel the Color card, you can be sure that the color you choose will look exactly the same in your home as it does on the color chip - in all lighting conditions.


The bedroom before and after the makeover

The previously white end wall in the bedroom was bathed in gray to give a more intense overall look. Important interior decorations have been placed on top of the decorative molding and nightstand.
"I think the shade is a real success; it’s just the right kind of greige. It’s given the room a really cozy feel!”

Maiju Saha, interior design blogger

Putting the idea into practice

If you want to recreate the blogger’s ideas in your bedroom, first pretreat your furniture (nightstands and decorative molding) and prime them. Then move on to pretreating and painting the wall. Once the wall is painted, continue with painting a topcoat on the furniture.

Painting the wall


Wipe the surface of the wall clean. If the surface is clearly dirty, clean it using Tikkurila’s Maalipesu cleaning agent following the instructions on the label. Leave to dry.


Protect the floor with suitable paper before painting. Cover moldings and sockets with masking tape. If you had to level the wall surface or if the previous paint surface is dark in color, first apply a coat of Varma primer. Choose a shade of Varma primer that is close to the shade of the new topcoat.


Stir the Harmony interior paint and apply 2 coats using a roller. An extension pole will make it easier to paint. Harmony is recoatable within 1-2 hours of painting, so you can finish the wall in just a few hours.

Painting the nightstand and decorative molding


Clean the surface of the furniture using Tikkurila’s Maalipesu cleaning agent and allow it to dry. Make sure you follow the instructions on the label. Sand the previous paint surface until matt and remove the sanding dust with a dust brush or a dust-binding cloth.


Apply a single coat of Helmi Primer to the furniture using a furniture paint roller or a brush. Leave to dry for 5 hours before painting a topcoat.


Finish with 1-2 coats of glossy Helmi furniture paint. Helmi furniture paint is recoatable after 16 hours. Usable hardness is reached in 2-3 days.

Maiju's bedroom walls have a surface area of 18 square meters, so two 2.7-liter tins of Harmony paint were required. 1 liter of Helmi primer and furniture paint were required for the furniture. The makeover cost less than two hundred euros.

Idea implemented by: Maiju Saw

“I’m passionate about interior design and I love second-hand stores, so my blog is filled with design and affordable second-hand finds. I follow the trends and I’m not afraid of change."

Read Maiju's thoughts on the project in her blog > >


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