bohemian dinning room with beige colour wall and green plants

Interior trends in 2022 - tips from designer

Minimalist japandi style, sunflower yellow and personal authentic spaces reflecting the lives of the homeowners – something we’re loving in the year 2022.

Susanna Vento is an interior stylist based in Helsinki. Not only does she follow design trends by profession, but she also lectures about them in Helsinki Design School.

“When it comes to following trends, the past few years have been interesting. The pandemic reformed our values and changed the way we consume”, Vento says.

In addition, she points out, the climate crisis is slowly making us turn down the need to always be on top of trends. Instead, we should make sustainable choices that suit our personal taste. Even without constant purchases, one can still be inspired by trends, enjoy beautiful interiors and roam through the visuality of social media.

Vento also sees customers demanding more transparency from manufacturers.

“Consumers want to know the brand they are standing by.”


Next, we share Vento’s predictions for the biggest interior and home decor trends for 2022.

bright room with grey colour cabinet and black leather sofa

Minimalism with a touch of Japan

Japandi is a fusion of Scandinavian and Japanese interior style, which has grown distinctly in popularity. Though geographically distant, these cultures share similarities in visual aesthetics. Combined, they become greater than the sum of their parts. Japandi style is a mix of light shades with dark contrasts, fresh wood surfaces, clean lines and natural materials. The style is subtle, yet measured and intentional.

Minimalism in general, both as a lifestyle and an interior style, has been swirling around for a while, and is still very current.

sun room with natural wooden furniture and green plants

Find the beauty of folklore

Unique hand made dishes, mini print cushions, souvenirs and decorative items with a story: this is the basics of folklore interior. Keep your eyes open for small floral patterns and retro-inspired, vibrant colours, too.

living room with beige colour wall and neutral earthy colour textile

The collage of your life

Personal and authentic spaces reflecting the lives of homeowners is home style many find interesting right now. At home, not everything has to play perfectly together. Instead, your decor can reflect your story with furniture and decorative items from different parts of your life, dear family members or  travel adventures. Perhaps there’s a carpet from Morocco and a painting from your grandparents house, and much more.

“This is a compassionate and intriguing trend, as it allows you to mix and match pieces without too much thinking. Home becomes a collage of your life”, Vento says.

bright yellow kitchen with colourful tableware

Sunflower yellow

Sunny, orange and intensely yellow hues are everywhere right now. Warm and cosy shades look especially nice in the kitchen, kissed by rays of sunlight, such as K396 Safari in the picture. We’ll be seeing yellowish olive (N388 Wasabi), light lime (J383 Tinkerbell) and sky blue (S352 Bluewing), especially as accent tones.

soft pink wall and black double door in living room

Black accents

Want to add interesting depth to your space? A current way to make the magic happen is to add small black accents such as lamps, pots or other decorative items, Vento tips, or even skirting boards or doors. A pop of contrast sharpens the overall look.

light green living room wall and soft round edge sofa chair

The ‘70s and curved furniture

The nostalgic revival of the ‘70s is going strong.

“All of a sudden, people are getting excited about ‘70s brick houses with wooden panels on the walls”, Vento says.

The trend surrounds us with pattern wallpapers, muted shades of orange and avocado, rattan, bamboo and an array of warm shades of wood. The curved and rounded furniture trend dating back to ‘60s and ‘70s has made a comeback as well.


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