living room with green surface

Paint a gorgeous emerald green effect surface

Create an impressive effect wall with the emerald-green Fjord shade, wrapping tissue and glossy Helmi 80 paint. The surface reflects light and shadows to create a mystical feel.

Colour and light

Always use a colour chip and examine it in the room in which you are planning to use the colour.


To achieve the idea

You can paint one wall in just a couple of hours.

  1. Apply a coat of Varma Primer to the paneling or wall. It’s a good idea to tint the primer close to the final color (J442 in this case).
  2. Using a roller, apply a coat of glossy Helmi 80 furniture paint to a slightly larger area than the sheet of wrapping tissue. Press the wrapping tissue onto the wet surface and allow the paper to form creased shapes. Apply the paint evenly onto the paper, working away from the center towards the edges and smoothing out air bubbles. Repeat until you have covered the entire surface. Allow the surface to dry.
  3. Apply one more coat of glossy Helmi 80 furniture paint in the shade M442.
Fjord coloured wall

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