Paint an intimate bedroom with dark shades

Paint an intimate bedroom with dark shades

Interior designer and blogger Susanna Vento created a calm atmosphere in the bedroom using dark shades from the Color Now 2017 Clay color collection.
Create a calm atmosphere for reading, relaxing and sleep

“After a long period of using white in decor, I wanted to introduce dark colors to the bedroom. Since the bedroom is small, just one painted effect wall was enough. The most uniform walls, with the fewest possible enclosures, sockets and other building technology features are the best choice for an effect wall. A dark yet calm and down-to-earth color scheme is relaxing, turning the bedroom into a cozy nest.” says Susanna Vento.

The wall was painted using Harmony-interior paint, in shade L487 Mole. Give an old, worn cane screen a new lease of life with the Mole shade of matt Helmi-furniture paint. The nightstand was painted in a dark blue with the shade Denim N429.


See how the bedroom was given a new look using shades from the Color Now Clay color collection

How to recreate Susanna’s idea: Painting an effect wall

1.    Clean any dirt away from the wall surface and use masking tape to mark out the areas to be painted.
2.    Paint the wall using two coats of Tikkurila’s full-matt Harmony-interior paint in shade Mole. For an even result, use an extension rod and plenty of paint. Finish the surface with long upward strokes using a roller.

Read more detailed instructions on painting an interior wall <missing link to howto>

Painting a cane screen and nightstand

1.    Clean and sand the surface. Wipe away any dust.
2.    First prime the furniture using Otex Akva – Adhesion Primer.
3.    Apply 2 coats of matt Helmi 10-furnature paint using a spray gun, furniture paint roller, or a brush.

Read more detailed instructions on painting furniture <missing link to howto>

Idea implementer: Susanna Vento

Interior decorator, stylist and editor Susanna Vento is famous for her Varpunen (sparrow)- blog and OK - omin käsin - book. Fall in love with Susanna's creative and timeless style in her Varpunen-blog. You can find stylish implementations with small cost and effort.

Read Susanna's thoughts about this project in her blog


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