Popular interior trends - brown is the new neutral

Gradually, brown has become the resurgent neutral tone for the entire home. Be it caramel, tan, or earthy brown, the colour on the walls will instantly make your home feel warm.

During the last few years, we’ve seen a massive resurgence of brown shades in interior design. Partly it’s because of the increasing environmental consciousness, but recent uncertain years have also played their part. When the feeling of security is shaken, people tend to gravitate towards colours that feel warm and earthy.

The go-to neutral

People look for warmth and cosiness, but still like to keep the overall feel neutral. Shades of brown fill both needs: they create a feeling of security and calm. It’s no wonder that brown such as V484 Driftwood   has become the go-to neutral for many. In its different hues, brown can complement almost any style from modern to rustic and bohemian to Scandinavian. 

Warm and minimalist

Comforting, yet neutral and elegant, even intimate. Brown is a versatile and subtle neutral colour that has the same calmness as grey. As a colour, it is often seen to represent warmth, naturalness and minimalism. In the right shade, brown can serve as the main colour for the entire home. For instance, V486 Claystone are popular hues to be used as the universal colour of the home.

Connecting with nature

All things natural have gained people’s interest. The use of natural materials, such as linen and wood, has increased together with the warm, natural tones. A desire to connect with nature is making people favour wood-toned browns, especially, such as S396 Syrup

Brown with a hint of grey or pink

Caramel, tan, earthy, or saturated. Reminiscent of soil or clay, such as N485 Chalet, or with hints of grey, purple or red, like K480 Tamarix. Brown walls will instantly make your home feel warm. Brown is also one of the colours that compliment pink, especially a warmer dusty pink. 

Find the right shade of brown

Brown covers dozens of different shades from light beige to earthy and murky dark tones. Often brown is combined with earth-inspired shades, but it’s suitable for pairing with almost any colour scheme. Discover your options for perfect shades of brown in our Feel the Color 2020 colour card.


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