popular wooden facade colour brown Q707

Popular wooden facade colour - brown Q707 Peikko

A dark brown surface is calmly elegant and unpretentious. For those who love tradition, it is a favourite choice, for example, as the facade colour of a holiday home.

Different shades of brown are present in the Nordic landscape in all seasons. No wonder brown has also been among the most widely used colours on wooden houses for decades. Especially dark brown is a beloved favourite. Q7070 Peikko from the Wooden Houses colour card is a multi-purpose colour that is suitable for both rural and urban buildings.

A modern wooden house builder can use brown facade colour instead of black to tie the colour of the building and nature more softly together.

wooden facade colour palette

How to combine colours with brown Q707 Peikko

The dark brown Q707 Peikko is a reliable classic.

A brown facade can be as modern as a wooden house painted with cold shades.

Keep the colour scale scarce and use only brown on all surfaces of the building from roof to sockel and the modern look is complete. Small details can be enhanced with, for example, the brighter brown D111 Kajakki. Test the shade on window frames or a door, for example. If you want the sockel to be slightly lighter than the colour of the facade or to follow the subdued grey of the concrete surface, it can be painted with Q710 Aapa.

A classic among classics is a brown facade with light details. This is the most traditional and harmonious colour combination for a wooden house in the middle of a Nordic forest. Test the broken white Q800 Pöllö on weatherboards and other details.


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