popular wooden facade colour grey Q803 Hiiri

Popular wooden facade colour - grey Q803 Hiiri

Looking for the perfect neutral grey? The task is almost impossible for many but here are our expert's advise to help you out.

The charm and enchantment of greys is in the nuances and in the fact that a house painted grey looks a little different every day of the year. So instead of one colour, you get 365 nuances and your house never looks dull.

The beautiful grey Q803 Hiiri on our Wooden Houses card has a bit of warm softness.

This calm shade is suitable for a wide variety of styles. Bare modernists use only one shade throughout the entire building, those longing for a more classic look combine the grey with crisp white and a touch of red as an effect.

How to combine colours with grey Q803 Hiiri

Grey is a popular colour for wooden houses.

A clear and elegant colour combination is formed when the wall colour Q803 Hiiri is combined with the dark blue-grey Q859 Myrskylintu. Dark grey alone is enough to complement lighter grey, but if you want a lighter look, you can use the white Q818 Tiira on window frames, for example.

If the grey overall look needs contrast, you can add the beautiful red Q353 Majatalo on the details. Try red, for example, as a colour for the front door or to spice up other smaller details of the building.


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