Popular wooden facade colour Yellow D105

Popular wooden facade colour - Yellow D105 Sinappi

The yellow wooden house is associated with the image of a manor in the middle of beautiful nature. Yellow has been a popular trusted colour for decades.

The current tone is broken and intense yellow, which beautifully combines modern wooden house construction with the traditional colour scheme.

D105 Sinappi, found in our Wooden Houses colour card, is a spicy and broken dark yellow.

The colour is at its best surrounded by greenery or alongside other intense facade colours. The modern style is built on the interaction of yellow and dark grey, the more traditional style combines white details with the yellow facade colour.

How to combine colours with Yellow D105 Sinappi

The yellow D105 Sinappi is a versatile facade colour.

A modern yellow facade colour scheme can be formed from a combination of the red D109 Torppa and Q805 Liuske. The red roof and grey details of the building are a coloured but clear whole.

Alongside the yellow wall colour, white window frames and weatherboards in shade Q819 Kide are added, and a red roof completes the whole. Grey can be tested on the sockel, depending on the dimensions of the building.


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