pergola and furniture painted with light wooden colour

Tikkurila Exterior Wood Oil - For a lasting impact

Terrace, outdoor furniture and other wooden surfaces need to be treated and cared throughout lifetime. Tikkurila has improved selection of exterior wood oils with two renewed formula which are partly bio-based.

In our renewed, waterborne Valtti Plus products, we have replaced as much as 75 percent of organic carbon with bio-based ingredients, such as plant by-products. With new Valtti Plus Terrace Oil and Valtti Plus Wood Oil you get the same, good durability, with lesser environmental effects.

Both products can be widely used for terrace and outdoor furniture, Valtti Plus Wood Oil also for any outdoor wooden surface like stairs and piers. Valtti Plus Terrace Oil is available in three ready-made shades, whereas Valtti Plus Wood Oil can be tinted to any shade from the Valtti colour collection.

Tikkurila Valtti Plus Terrace Oil

Valtti Plus Terrace Oil

New Valtti Plus Terrace Oil will effectively protect your terrace and outdoor furniture from moisture, sun and ultraviolet radiation. The renewed formula penetrates the wooden surface even better and has less tendency to flake. Valtti Plus Terrace Oil is easy to apply to terrace and furniture without unwanted brush marks. Choose one of the three ready-made shades: Black, Brown or Ash Grey

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Valtti Plus Wood Oil

Valtti Plus Wood Oil

Be it a terrace, a fence, furniture or a staircase, Valtti Plus Wood Oil will protect all exterior wooden surfaces and make them weather resistant. The oil protects the wood against moisture and sunlight and prevents the wood from cracking. You can tint your Valtti Plus Wood Oil to any shade from the Valtti colour collection.

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