effect paint by Taika pearl glaze

Unique 16 - Patina

Harmony Effect Finish applied with a sponge onto a base of Taika Pearl Glaze

Patinated metal and industrial style belong together. A more formal style can be created by changing the color of the effect and interior design elements. Layers give the effect depth that comes to life with lighting.

Taika Pearl Glaze 2027, Harmony Effect Paint N499, Stardust Silver

Other colour options

Taika 2027, Harmony M497, Stardust Hopea
Taika 2032, Harmony S491, Stardust Hopea
Taika 2070, Harmony X445, Stardust Kulta
Taika 2077, Harmony N464, Stardust Hopea
Taika KM, Harmony L484, Stardust Kulta

Putting the idea into practice

1. Paint the entire surface with Taika Pearl Glaze 2027.

2. Tap Harmony Effect Paint N499 onto a dried Taika surface with a natural sponge. Rinse the sponge and    blur the pattern with a damp sponge as required. 

 3. Apply Taika Stardust Silver on the dried surface.



Watch a video on how to paint an effect wall with Taika Pearl Glaze and Harmony Effect Finish


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