glitter effect painting

Unique 7 - Stardust

Glitter effect wall with Taika Stardust

A luxurious, glittering finish guarantees an individualistic style. 

The silver and gold shades create a unique feel. The stardust effect works best on rich, dark colors. 

A modern effect that combines beautifully with easy-going luxurious and modern furniture.

Other colour options

Harmony K499, Taika Stardust Hopea
Harmony M428, Taika Stardust Hopea
Harmony V481, Taika Stardust Hopea
Harmony V477, Taika Stardust Kulta
Harmony X420, Taika Stardust Kulta

Putting the idea into practice


  1. Paint the entire surface with Harmony V502.
  2. Apply Taika Stardust Gold 1 to 2 times crosswise with a paint roller.

Watch a video on how to paint an effect wall with Taika Stardust

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