Water-borne silicone emulsion paint.

Key FlagKey Fl
  • UV and moisture protection
  • Repels dirt
  • Breathable
  • 805
  • 5 m²/l
  • 6 m²/l
  • 12 h


  • Full matt


Water-borne silicone emulsion paint.

Product Features

For exterior painting of concrete, plaster and mineral plate surfaces.

Recommended Uses

Residential, commercial, industrial and storage buildings and others.


5-6 m²/l one coat. Coverage is affected by the roughness and porosity of the surface as well as the painting method and conditions.



UV and moisture protection

Water-repellent Kivisil offers long-term moisture protection for masonry facades and also slows down the impacts of sunlight. The protective coating prevents UV rays and weather elements from getting into the facade.

Product usp1consumer_img
In any weather

Repels dirt

The dirt-repellent paint protects the facades from moisture and dirt, leaving the surface clean in impure weather conditions. Kivisil repels dirt from polluted air, preventing it from settling on the facade.

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Durable beauty


Silicone resin paint Kivisil provides a breathable coating on concrete and mineral surfaces, which allows moisture to be removed from the facade. The paint prevents rain and splash water from penetrating the structure, but allows water vapor to permeate from the inside.

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Durable beauty

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