Inorganic, potassium silicate-based, one-component silicate paint.

  • Withstands heat and moisture
  • Full-matt dignity
  • 805
  • 3 m²/l
  • 5 m²/l
  • 12 h


  • Full matt


Inorganic, potassium silicate-based, one-component silicate paint.

Product Features

For interior and exterior painting of concrete, lime plaster, lime-cement plaster, cement plaster and sand-lime brick surfaces. Also suitable for substrates previously painted with lime, lime cement, cement or silicate paint. See directions for use.

Recommended Uses

Residential, commercial, industrial and storage buildings and others. Also suitable for special sites such as air-raid shelters, water towers, underpasses, etc.


approx. 3-5 m²/l on one coat. Coverage is affected by the roughness and porosity of the surface as well as the painting method and conditions.



Withstands heat and moisture

Kivitex is suitable for a variety of mineral surfaces, especially plaster surfaces.

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Kivitex silicate paint

Full-matt dignity

As an inorganic product, Kivitex is highly resistant to heat and is ideal for the treatment of sauna firewalls and fireplaces. Thanks to its excellent water vapor permeability, Kivitex is also suitable for basement walls and ceilings.

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Full-matt dignity

Full-matt dignity

The full-matt sandy surface of Kivitex paint creates a special ambience.

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Full-matt dignity

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