Reaflex 50

  • Excellent coverage
  • Add hardener Reaflex 50!
  • Long lasting effect
  • 805
  • 5
  • 10


  • Gloss



Application Method

spraying, brush, roller

Excellent coverage

With Tikkurila Reaflex 50, you can professionally restore an old enameled bathtub, returning it to its former whiteness, smoothness and even glossy sheen. The paint is easy to apply on both new and previously painted surfaces.

Add hardener Reaflex 50!

Reaflex 50 is a two-component product consisting of a hardener and a direct coloring compound. Before starting work, they must be mixed: add 1 part of hardener to 4 parts of paint. The resulting solution remains viable for about 4 hours.

Long lasting effect

Excellent strength, water resistance and wear resistance make it suitable for painting bathtubs and also for finishing concrete swimming pools.


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