Water-borne, silicone-based primer (concentrate).

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Water-borne, silicone-based primer (concentrate).

Product Features

For priming porous, water-absorbing unpainted surfaces or previously painted aggregate surfaces before painting with Kivisil façade paint, Finngard Silikonihartsimaali or other paints suitable for organic aggregate surfaces, such as Yki.

Recommended Uses

Residential, commercial, industrial, storage and other buildings.


Mixture coverage: 0.5–2 m²/l on rendered surfaces, 2–4 m²/l on concrete. Amount of silicone primer (undiluted) needed: 0.05–0.1 l/m² for rendered surfaces, 0.025–0.05 l/m² for concrete surfaces. The coverage is affected by the roughness and porosity of the substrate and the absorption qualities of any previous treatments applied to the surface to be primed.


Protect from frost. Store the concentrate in tightly closed cans. Storing temperature should not exceed +30 C. The-ready-to use mixture can be stored for a maximum of 24 hours.


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