Tunto Kivi

Water-borne stone coating.


Tunto Kivi

Water-borne stone coating.

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  • 0.4 m²/l
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Water-borne stone coating.

Product Features

New or previously painted concrete, plaster, brick, wood fiberboard, plasterboard and chipboard surfaces. Suitable also for humid interiors, but not in direct contact with water.

Recommended Uses

For use on interior walls where an effect surface is desired.


2.5-3.5 kg/m² when applied once with a trowel and 3.5-4.5 kg/m² when applied twice or sprayed. From one 14 kg package, approx. 4-5.5 m² finished surface can be prepared when applied once and 3-4 m² when applied twice. Coverage is affected by the roughness and porosity of the surface and the application method.

Application Method

spraying, trowel

Spread stone with a steel trowel

Natural stone has the nature of rock, the firmness of mountains, and the warmth of the earth that can be felt up close. The delicate relationship between roughness and light form part of the natural vibrancy of Tunto Kivi.

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Standard colors directly from nature

Tunto Kivi is a mass that is spread on the wall surface with a steel trowel. Although it is simple to apply, the result is stunning! Coat an entire wall or sections outlined with tape.

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tunto kivi black gabro

Standard colors directly from nature

Tunto Kivi is manufactured from four different rock types: light-colored limestone, gray and black granite, and black gabbro. Thanks to a patented tinting system, it is also available in 25 carefully formulated tintable colors that retain the feel of natural stone.

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tunto kivi works in wet spaces as well
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