Tunto Struktuuritapetti

Embossed paintable wallpaper made of polyester cellulose fiber.


Embossed paintable wallpaper made of polyester cellulose fiber.

Product Features

A paintable interior substrate for smooth or leveled concrete, plaster, chipboard and wood fiber board surfaces as well as cardboard faced gypsum board surfaces, for repair and new painting sites according to instructions.

Recommended Uses

Surface material for walls in dry interior spaces.


Not applicable

Tunto Textured Wallpaper is a high-quality and easy-to-use wallpaper that is painted after attaching. The wallpaper is “breathable” and retains its dimensions and shape well. Thanks to the endless color and gloss degree options of Tunto Textured Wallpaper and Tikkurila’s paints, you can create an infinite variety of fascinating three-dimensional solutions in exactly the color and gloss grade you wish.

Soothing Vana, which leads the way to harmony. Delicate Varpu, which brings nature closer to you.


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