The new colours of Christmas 2022

A perfect setting for a joyful Christmas is surrounding yourself with your loved ones along with Tikkurila Color of the year: V413 Rosy Moment, a soft shade that radiates warmth and empathy.

Spending Christmas time with your loved ones

Changing the classic Christmas red to a muted and light tone is a refreshing yet somehow nostalgic take on the classic Christmas palette.
The muted rosy hue plays well together with both light and dark shades. Try combining V413 Rosy Moment with peachy and light Y406 Riviera, like the image. Adding a pinch of a dark shade, such as M449 Grotto, in the painted wall border sharpens the overall feelings.

Warm and soothing colour for Christmas time

Warm, deep and soothing hues are the colours of Christmas. They make you feel comfortable when it’s time to slow down. L478 Kestrel, an earthy brown with a pinch of cold red, is a nice pair for V413 Rosy Moment. It’s a grounding and still modern combination and easy to decorate for Christmas.
When the ambiance is right, focusing on the small moments will make Christmas truly magical. Just add a few candles, a mistletoe or a wreath.
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Tikkurila Colour Master

Find your perfect Christmas colours with Colour Master app

With the help of our experts, we created the Colour Master application to be a source for inspiration and a platform in which you can bring even the craziest of ideas to life. We want to encourage you to play with different colours, get inspired by colour-related content and get out there and unleash your creativity.

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