Tikkurila x Marie Olsson Nylander collection

Tikkurila created Color Now 2024 collection with the Swedish entreprenuer influencer and designer Marie Olsson Nylander, with earthy but vivid tones to celebrate playfulness, freedom and kindness.

In the Color Now 2024 collection, Olsson Nylander wants to bring forth kindness, playfulness and love. The message is channelled through the collection’s 14 earthy shades: intense burgundy, different shades of beige and pink, a soft black and a few misty blues and a mint green. The color of the year is Nude in Nizza, a peachy-toned color that radiates warmth. The color collection allows you to tell a visual story of who you are and what you love.

Tikkurila Color Now 2024

Olsson Nylander picked every color to the collection to highlight a specific feeling or desire.

“For example, the pink — Bubba in Berlin, is in the collection because we need more kindness and play, colours that make you happy. Lips in Lyon emphasises how we long for more love in our lives,” Olsson Nylander says.

Color choices lead by intuition

Color palette was build by picking her favourite fabric and material samples she’s collected over the years. Together with Tikkurila team she went through color ideas in an inspiring and sensory heavy workshop that led to creation of these 14 new colors. Color choosing happens intuitively for her, as she describes, colours feel in her stomach. “Whenever I start a new project, my brain starts boiling. I’m constantly selecting and working, and I probably do it in sleep too."

The olive green shade, Olives in Oman, Olsson Nylander found in a 150-year-old fabric she bought from an antique dealer in France. The fiery pink, Bubba in Berlin, is based on a pink velvet cushion made of an old fabric. Coffee in China, a soft deep brown, got its inspiration from a fabric from the 1970s’ that Olsson Nylander used for the family’s sofa.

The philosophy of the palette is to be something that catches your eye, makes you stop and think twice. All the colors are designed to complement each other, making the other colors bloom.

Contrast with the unknown

Every color in the collection is named after a city, country or other location: Lions in Lima, Dust in Dallas, Gold in Ghana. Olsson Nylander wanted to have contrast, something obscure and fascinating in the collection. She wanted the collection to exude the feel of the unknown.

“Your home becomes familiar quite quickly, and because of that, travelling and going out in the world feels so exotic and mysterious.” 

When thinking these names, she has used memories from her travels,

With the collection, Olsson Nylander wants to encourage people to change things up and make bold colour choices. Home shouldn’t be perfect, but full of life. When painting, what’s the worst that could happen?


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