feel the color modern style

Feel the Color - Modern

Simple and carefully considered. Modern interiors may be neutral and minimal, but they are far from boring. This contemporary style invites a discerning eye and confident, even bold colour choices with contrast.

In modern interiors, function and form go stylishly hand in hand. The meaning and functionality of each interior element is elevated when there are only a few, carefully selected items in the room.


feel the color modern style

Minimalist surroundings mean that all eyes are on your favorite details, so let your personality show! Whether it's a special piece of art, a sculptural light fixture or a piece of design furniture, crisp neutrals and contrasts create the perfect backdrop. And if you're a true minimalist, a well-placed detail of bright paint is enough to dress up even the simplest room.

Simply colourful


For a contemporary, almost gallery-like ambience, rely on large neutral surfaces and layer them with minimalistic, boldly coloured points of visual interest. Bring in bright accent colours to energize the mood of the room or use a more monochromatic palette of contrast shades for a calmer atmosphere.


Don't be afraid to introduce patterns or create strong lines using your colour choices, and make sure your decor and colours complement each other for a harmonious overall look.

feel the color modern style
feel the color modern style
feel the color modern style

Modern key colours


Choose your airy neutrals from F497 Paper, F487 Feather and Y487 Piazza, then add depth and contrast with K487 Calcite or X499 Granite. Bring a contemporary pop to the palette by adding a statement accent colour or two, such as M323 Hearts or S302 Grapefruit - sophisticated tints of red and yellow.


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