feel the color bohemian style

Feel the Color - Bohemian

Cozy, earthy and built over time - bohemian interior style is relaxed and inviting, with natural materials and warm tones. This style gets its personality from spicy colours, unique treasures found along the way and effortless, hand-picked details.

You'll recognize bohemian interiors from the warm and inviting ambience, the richness of colour and the use of natural materials. Carefully chosen items and details that have been collected over time create an effortless but strong look.


Look for interesting decor pieces and quality interior materials that stand the test of time. Add cozy elements with patterns, saturated colours and textiles. To add personality into the style, bring home exotic bits from here and there that speak to you - and allow them to grow naturally into a collection that is true to your character. 

feel the color bohemian style
feel the color bohemian style

Forces of nature


To create a bohemian mood, look for colour in exotic spices and the depths of nature. Give walls a natural tint for airy spaces or create a more saturated palette with deeper base colours. Don't forget abundant accent colours and wooden details to tie together the overall look.


You can put together your own take on bohemian style by incorporating any of your favorite shades - just stay away from monochrome palettes, bring in at least three different colours and keep the tints warm.

feel the color bohemian style
tunne väri boheemi tyyli

Bohemian key colours

Layer the colours of this warm palette to create a cozy, earthy mood. Find your new, natural basics from Y456 Coconut, X459 Dream and M495 Arctic Willow. Add depth and character to your chosen colour combination with H320 Magnolia, N338 Wild Rose, X501 Aubergine or N378 Ficus.


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