kids room with blue wall and painted with silver moon

Ideas for kids room: to the moon and stars!

In this awesome room lives the moon man - without leaving the room, he makes to the never moon and back every day. Never moon can only be reached by flying, towards the lights of twinkle star.
kids room with blue wall background and handcraft rocket ship
handcraft lamp in blue colour
Towards the stars!

The nighty blue wall in this kids room was painted with Joker paint in colour M350 Ink. Joker is a solvent-free and eco-friendly matt paint which suites excellently in kids room painting. 


Glowing starry sky and gorgeous moon are painted with Taika Glow special lacquer, they glow beautifully in the nightly and create outer space feeling to the room. 

After absorbing light, Taika Glow can keep glowing in dark for up to 6 hours!

The colour of moon, stars and silver cabinet was achieved by painting with Taika Helmiäismaali, which gives a metallic pearlescent effect.

kids room blue wall with glow in the dark moon and stars
sliver colour cabinet and blue walls

Putting the idea into practice


Watch the video to see how painting was done!


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