bright colourful panels on the wall

Interior colour trends for 2021

A new year is a fresh start, and that is more than welcome and expected after the year 2020. When it comes to colour trends, you might sense some briskness and hopefulness. We are seeing a lot of calming hues and earthy shades, but also bright and energizing colour pops. Read on to find colour inspiration and interior tips for 2021
bright yellow colour wall in bedroom

Mellow yellow


More and more people are turning towards yellow when choosing the wall colour. It can be either bright and uplifting yellow like J302 Banana or soft and muted like Y308 Eggnog. Or why not combine them both? In the photo a dreamy yellow wall in H300 Lemonade makes a sweet match with the floor in light green Y383 Cucumber.

terracotta colour wall living room with beige colour furnitures

Rustic red

Burnt orange, rustic terracotta, brownish red… Earthy and warm shades create a comforting space but keep it sharp and stylish at the same time. N405 Terracotta loves the company of colours like brown, black and beige, big soft rugs and organic materials like cork, clay and rattan.

blue colour wall and green colour detailed dinner table with chairs

Blue skies ahead

Calm and comforting blue Y354 Cumulus is Tikkurila colour of the year 2021. Ocean blues are trending, maybe to bring hope and a sense of renewal or to remind us of summer, seaside and sun. Cumulus is a well-balanced and soothing hue that is easy to add to any home – try it for example in bedroom or living room. Pair it with light wood and neutral tones from the Color Now 2021 collection.

beige colour wall in living room, brown colour cabinet and table

Earthy and easy

Warm, earthy tones like grayish beige Tikkurila V484 Driftwood are on the rise – and no wonder. Beige, gray, white and brown always look good and are easy to combine with materials like wood, metal and also soft elements, such as curtains and carpets. Try to add a splash of burgundy: in the picture you can see a closet in Tikkurila M425 Beetroot. A good choice of paint for any wooden furniture is Tikkurila matt topcoat Helmi 10.

green colour accent wall in bedroom with bohemian style pillows and lamp

Nature indoors

Year 2020 left us looking for a connection to something stable, grounding and natural. Interest in house plants is increasingly growing  and people are also looking for other ways to bring nature indoors. Walls in mossy, sage and grayish green are an easy choice, since they look good almost in every interior. Try Tikkurila Arctic Willow M495 as in the photo or darker, rich green N378 Ficus. Enrich the colour choice with a hint of a jewel tone, like N338 Wild Rose. Look for more inspiration for bohemian interior style here.

pink flamingo colour wall in bedroom

Be bold

Looking for a feel-good mood? Invigorating colours like pink, fuchsia and purple are trending in 2021, especially in bold and vibrant shades. A monochromatic interior in these tones is a possibility to show your love for colour. Start small and mix shades of the same colour. Light rose on the wall is Tikkurila H320 Magnolia, but you might also like N338 Wild Rose, K319 Flamingo or S329 Freesia.


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