Color Now 2021

Colour of the Year Cumulus Y354

Tikkurila Color Now 2021
Light-blue as the summer sky

Tikkurila colour of the year is Y354 Cumulus, a calm, light blue main hue representing a brighter future. The colour and colour collection instil hope and invite people to contribute and be part of shaping a better tomorrow .

color of the year Cumulus Y354
colour of the year Cumulus Y354
Wall painted with Harmony; chair and table top painted with Helmi 30.

Light blue can evoke feeling of calm and sense of stability. Promoting tranquillity, integrity and understanding, a state of making peace with ourselves and our lives, helping us switch to a more mindful life approach.

Like a breath of fresh air, light-blue is an easy-to-love colour for almost any interior. It can be easily combined with different materials and elements. With light wooden elements and fresh white it styles as more classic and with bold and strong colours makes a statement combination.

colour of the year CumulusY354
Wall painted with Harmony; chair and table painted with Helmi 30; cabinet painted with Helmi 10.
colour of the year Cumulus Y354
Wall painted with Harmony; cabinet painted with Helmi 10; stand painted with Helmi 30.

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