Tikkurila Color Now 2021

Colour Palette for 2021

Tikkurila Color Now 2021 presents the new colour palette.
From natural beauty to your home
Color Now 2021 colour palette

With one exception to the rule, the Color Now 2021 palette reflects the beauty of nature. Drawing inspiration from the sky and sea, beautiful sunsets and colourful diversity of the plant kingdom. Also including earthy shades, hints of stone and rocks as well as shades of bark and sand.

As a whole, the palette offers inspiration and design opportunities for a brighter future, in each situation and physical space. Making it easy to combine colours and accents that make your home warm and playful.

Combine colour swatches with descriptions
Y354 Cumulus
Y354 Cumulus - The light-blue summer sky
S329 Freesia
S329 Freesia - A beautiful cut flower who borrows a name to this colour, a pop of colour you need to make a happy look
L429 Ingigo
L429 Indigo - Deep blue, calm and sincere as the ocean
G481 Mirage
G481 Mirage - Optical illusion, enigmatic like the hot desert borrows a name for this light grey that changes appearance depending the mood
X381 Aloe
X381 Aloe - Evergreen perennial with skin-protective properties borrows name for this soothing but trendy light green
K480 Tamarix
K480 Tamarix - Twiggy shrubs or small trees of African origin borrows a name for this warm and earthy beige.
M425 Beetroot
M425 Beetroot - Culinary beetroot packed with nutrients as is this colour
M378 Ficus
N378 Ficus - Species of woody trees, shrubs and vines will have this same dark green you will love for it’s natural hue
S311 Heat
S311 Heat - This burnt orange will make you think how sun is warming your toes in a beach sand
H405 Doll
H405 Doll - This gentle neutral hue will be complementing all colour in the collection

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