Outdoor living and garden trends for 2024

Easy, colourful and sustainable. Garden and outdoor living trends for 2024 emphasise wellbeing and sustainability. Prepare yourself for a summer of relaxation with these easy care tips for your terrace.

In this fast-paced world, we are increasingly recognising the importance of nurturing ourselves and our environment. This season's garden trends reflect our desire to create outdoor spaces that promote relaxation, rejuvenation, and a deep connection with nature. From earthy warm tones to eco-conscious landscaping, we will delve into the latest trends that prioritize self-care and sustainability. Join us on this journey of creating outdoor sanctuaries that not only enhance our well-being but also contribute to a more harmonious world.

1. Easy-care garden products and materials

Decorating and maintaining a garden or a terrace doesn't have to be time-consuming or difficult. In fact, easy-to-maintain stone gardens and metal furniture are becoming increasingly popular, as neither of them require frequent care. Mixing different textures and low-maintenance materials also creates depth to your space – you might have an easy care concrete table with wooden chairs and soft, weather resistant cushions. Terraces and gardens are now seen as places for relaxation and wellbeing, rather than time-consuming projects.

In 2024, greenery and flowers in the garden may take the form of native or drought-tolerant plants. Colours and floral patterns can also be introduced into terrace textiles or other decorations that brighten up the look of a garden with little to no effort.

2. A place just for relaxing

A place to relax is now an essential part of a patio. Large sofas, hammocks, places to meditate and focus on self-care are all in style this year. If you want your garden to be a place where you can focus on your wellbeing and personal time, then it should be created with that in mind.

Consider your own perceptions of a relaxing space when designing your garden: do you need a hammock, a table for having coffee in the morning, natural materials, or simply green lush plants.

3. Get sustainable

Sustainability is an ongoing megatrend that will continue in 2024, and the relevance of sustainability in every aspect is increasing in the outdoor area as well. Favouring for example recycled furniture and materials, and renovating old structures are good choices for terraces and gardens.

Investing in solar energy and opting for lighting controls set on timers or motion sensors are concrete ways to reduce your ecological footprint. Did you already try composting? It’s a great way to recycle the organic waste from the kitchen and the garden.

Seasonal maintenance is an easy way to improve the longevity of your wooden terrace deck and furniture. For example, consider using Valtti Plus Terrace Oil or tintable Valtti Plus Wood Oil for your terrace deck, and Valtti Plus Wood Oil for your wooden outdoor furniture to extend their lifespan. You can also give a new life to used outdoor furniture with Tikkurila Patio Pihakalustemaali which is suitable for both wooden and metal surfaces.

4. Warm colours

Warm browns are set to continue trending through to summer 2024. Brown tones, in for example the terrace deck or furniture, give your garden an earthy look and connect it seamlessly with nature. The colour scheme also works well with soft and warm exterior lights.

From the Valtti palette, consider choosing for example 5071 Tatti or 5063 Sora, as in the image, for or your own terrace colour scheme.

5. An extended living room

Outdoor spaces are no longer seen as separated from your home, but rather as an extra room that can serve many purposes. For many, a terrace is an extended living room. Make the outdoor space serve your purposes. Maybe it’s a cosy space with a fire pit for relaxing, or an outdoor kitchen for summer get-togethers? This year, the trend is to have them both. Convertible furniture, for example, allows you to create a multifunctional space that can be used for different occasions: dinner parties, exercise and relaxing.

Don’t forget to add lighting. Lanterns, string lights or functional wall lights ensure you’re able to enjoy and use your garden day and night.

6. Add colour!

Small textiles and decorative items are an easy way to liven up your garden and make it unique. In particular, the increased preference for comfort is reflected in decorative cushions and blankets that take over garden sofas and hammocks.

Bright pastel colours and bold patterns in the details will brighten up the overall aesthetic. Try also adding a tabletop lamp or a vase to bring focal points to your garden or terrace. 

+ An extra tip: Bring a carpet to the terrace

A suitable carpet on the terrace deck completes the look and brings a homely feel to your outdoor space. You can make it bright, neutral, round, geometric, decorative, or simple. Just make sure the rug is suitable for outdoor use, as it will be exposed to moisture and direct sunlight.


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