Popular wooden facade colour white Q854

Popular wooden facade colour - white Q854 Pyry

Being one of the classics, white wall colour makes a building stand out in any landscape.

When choosing a white facade colour, it is worth remembering that nature’s own palette has no hard and bright whites if we don’t include snow white. For this reason, you should choose a slightly broken white shade like Q854 Pyry as the white facade colour. This not only keeps the surface cleaner, but also makes the contrast between the building and the surrounding nature softer.

White can be used on a wide variety of building styles from minimalistic new buildings to lace-decorated villas.

How to combine colours with white Q854 Pyry

A white building stands out in the landscape.

White is one of the most widely used facade colours. White has been used in a wide variety of styles, either as the main colour of the building or in the details. When the main colour of a building is white, almost any other colour can be combined with it. Our colour combination includes the basic colour of the modern style, the black D129 Korppi, which the minimalist uses only on the roof and, for example, on window frames. If you want the contrast to be a little softer, combine the dark blue-grey Q859 Myrskylintu with the white. The light grey Q802 Haikara suits the sockel, for example, making it slightly darker than the colour of the wall, balancing the colour relationships of the building.



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