Helmi Furniture Lacquer 30

Semi-matt water-borne, non-yellowing, tintable acrylic lacquer for indoor use.

EPD verified
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Polish Hygenic Certification
  • Durable surface
  • Low smell
  • No yellowing lacquer film
  • 8 m²/l
  • 14 m²/l
  • 3 h
  • 0.5 h


  • Semi-matt


Semi-matt water-borne, non-yellowing, tintable acrylic lacquer for indoor use.

Product Features

For wood surfaces in dry interior spaces according to instructions. Not suitable for treating floors (use Parketti-Ässä floor lacquer for lacquering floors).

Recommended Uses

Furniture such as tables, chairs, bookshelves, etc., toys, panel walls, wooden ceilings, doors and similar wood surfaces. Also suitable for the protective lacquering of stained surfaces.


8–14 m²/l. Actual spreading rate depends on the type, porosity and hardness of the wood.



Application Method

spraying, brush, sponge

Durable surface

Helmi Furniture Lacquer 30 creates a durable and beautiful semi-matt surface. The varnished wooden surface is more resistant to mechanical impacts and prevents dirt and moisture from penetrating the wood structure.

Low smell

Lacquer treatment helps to preserve the beauty of wooden furniture for many years, protecting the surface. In addition, Helmi Furniture Lacquer 30 is convenient to use as it dries quickly and has no unpleasant odour.

No yellowing lacquer film

Helmi Furniture Lacquer 30 creates a non-yellowing lacquer film with a semi-matt finish on treated surfaces, it is perfect for wooden furniture, toys and doors, paneled walls and ceilings. Lacquered wood stays beautiful for a long time, as the colour does not turn yellow over time.


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