Valtti Primer

Colorless priming oil for exterior wood


Valtti Primer

Colorless priming oil for exterior wood

  • 805
  • 4 m²/l
  • 10 m²/l
  • 24 h
  • 0.5 h

Colorless priming oil for exterior wood

Product Features

A clear oil which is used for protecting of joints, end wood and other exposed parts on wood outdoors. Penetrates easily into the wood, which provides good protection against water absorption and reduced risk of cracking in wood and paint layers. Good durability with Tikkurila exterior wood stain or paint

Recommended Uses

For exterior priming of sawn and planed timber, woodwork, logs and impregnated wood before surface treatment.


Planed surfaces: 8-10 m²/l; Sawn wood surfaces: 4-5 m²/l.

Application Method

brush, immersion, spraying


In tightly closed package, protecting from moisture, heat and direct sunlight. Can withstand storage at low temperatures. In case of storage at subzero temperatures before use the paint should be hold at (+20±2)°С for 24 hours and carefully stirred. Shelf life - 60 months from the production date in unopened original packaging.

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