6 perfect shades of yellow

Add a dash of yellow, and you’ll get instant sunshine. Here are six perfect shades of yellow for different interior needs.

Yellow colour to enliven your home

A room singing with yellow is almost guaranteed to make you feel cheerful and warm. It’s a shade that brings positivity to a space and makes anyone entering the room feel invited. 

Yellow reminds us of the season changes. It can be the colour of the first primroses or buttercups of the early summer, the hue of drying hay and the harvest, or the deep yellow in the first autumn leaves. 

From soft and pale sherbet to zingy citrus and to golden yolk, yellow is experiencing a renaissance in the interior. It’s usable on large wall surfaces and on details as well. Yellow is a colour that some people are intimidated to use, but you shouldn’t. After all, yellow will definitely lift a space and create warmth and sunshine. Discover your options for perfect shades of yellow in our Feel the Color 2020 colour card, or keep reading to see our picks.

Pale and gentle F302 Parmesan

A plateful of perfect pasta is covered with a delicate cloud of parmesan cheese. A light colour seasoned with a zesty lemon yellow is a great choice for spaces that are in need of freshening up.
Pale and gentle shades of yellow, such as F302 Parmesan, create a sense of calm in the room. The delicate hue is flooding with the energy of the early spring.

shades of yellow

Versatile H300 Lemonade

An easy Sunday morning when the light is gentle. A bright, energetic and elegant yellow that is subtle enough to fit in many styles from classical to rustic.

When you’re looking for a versatile, all-around yellow, H300 Lemonade will tick your boxes. It looks great in the kitchen or living room, as well as in the bathroom. 

Versatile H300 Lemonade

Try combining H300 Lemonade with earthy browns and greens, steel grey like X487 Plaster, or fresh light green, such as Y383 Cucumber.
Check out colour H300 Lemonade
H300 Lemonade is Tikkurila Color of the Year 2020.

Deep and honey-like J392 Wax

A bundle of small candles flicker and light the room. An intense yellow with a slight green undertone.

Deep, mature and honey-like yellow J392 Wax is a spot on in a nostalgic interior look with dark wood tones and pops of earthy colours. A golden hue of yellow will make the room inviting and warm.


shades of yellow

Warm and radiating K396 Safari

Sun sets on the savannah. A luminous yellowish-orange that’s filled with memories of a scorching sun.

When you’re destined to liven up your kitchen or working space, K396 Safari might be just what you’re looking for. It’s a warm, radiating yellow with a hint of orange, and brings instant sunshine to any space.

shades of yellow

Calming L396 Beeswax

A scent of honey spreads in the room as you light a candle. A burnt tone between orange and yellow brings warmth to your rooms.
If you’re into mustardy yellows, you’ll love the rusty and burnt shade of yellow, L396 Beeswax. Used on big surfaces, the warm hue will create a cocooning nest and a calming atmosphere. Combine with brown, blue and sharpening black.

Rich and shining Y308 Eggnog

Eggnog is a rich yellow with a soft twist and a slightly red tint. Pair the easily approachable and delightful yellow with other bright hues to make it shine.

Adding a dash of Y308 Eggnog on your walls is a way to give a room instant luminosity. It’s a rich, shining yellow that isn’t afraid of the highlight. Make the most of this joyful hue by combining it with other bright hues.

shades of yellow

Didn’t find what you’re looking for?

See our Feel the Color 2020 collection and click “yellows & oranges” in the menu on the left. 

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