the best shades of white

Best shades of white for interior walls

White colour is one of the classic wall colours, and the refined look it gives is loved by many. See a curated collection of our most attractive whites to help you find the perfect one.

White colour is fresh, elegant, and versatile. It works with almost any interior style and colour palette – as long as you choose the right shade. When looking for a timeless look, white is a solid option, and painting with white will make your home filled with light. 

Still, white is never just white. Instead, there are loads of shades of white in colour cards, such as our Tikkurila Feel the Color 2020. Finding the tone that suits you gets easier when you start finding the difference between cool whites and warm whites: cool whites often have a bluish or gray undertone, and warm whites have a yellowish or orange one.  

To help you navigate the repertory of whites, we collected an introduction to a few of our most beautiful shades of white. Get to know these chic shades and find the one that suits your interior. 

Soft and creamy G503 Calla 

The natural colour of a white flower. This soft and creamy tone is the perfect choice if you are looking for a warm all-purpose white. 

Creamy and dreamy G503 Calla pairs beautifully with natural materials such as light wood, cotton, linen, wool and glass. It creates an elegant backdrop for a modern Scandinavian style with a hint of nostalgia. Combine the shade in detail with beige, brown, terracotta and a splash of fresh, pure white. Calla works nicely in north facing spaces as the warm hue makes room feel softer. 

Velvety F485 Damask 

This colour is named after a luxurious and silky damask fabric – a warm white with a creamy touch. 

A warm, velvety white, F485 Damask, is a versatile colour that is at home in all interior styles, from modern to bohemian. Pair it with cold red such as M334 Cardinal or, for example, a calming, delicate green like V449 Jade. Round, organic shapes, soft details and lush houseplants make F485 Damask shine. Damask is very good universal shade as it’s overall look is warm but is has little gray undertone so it won’t be too yellowish. 

The purest of whites – F497 Paper 

Blank as a paper, clean white without undertones. The purest of whites make a space flood with light. 

Clean and crisp white, F497 Paper, is a universal shade for a modern, light-toned space. Furniture and interior details are the ones to bring colour alongside white walls, so try for example furniture or cushions in cool, bright tones, wooden surfaces and small black details to sharpen the space. If you’re looking for a pure and brisk white that maximises the light, F497 Paper is a great option. 

Elegant and muted TIKV Tikkurila White 

A white colour that represents Scandinavian style at its best. This off-white tone pairs beautifully with any factory-produced white doors, window frames and mouldings. 

If you need to pick a simple white to match white details in your home, such as doors, skirting boards and window sills, TIKV Tikkurila White is your go-to shade. It is a muted off-white and looks elegant with both warm and cool shades. Try to combine it, for example, with earthy and rich N464 Alexandrite, add a few details in beige and sharpen the space with black and pure white details.  

Didn’t find what you’re looking for? See our Feel the Color 2020 colour card and click “whites” in the menu on the left.  


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