spacious living room with soft green colour wall

The loved ones: Our most popular colours in Tikkurila

Have you ever wondered what are the colours that are guaranteed to find admirers? The following selection of our most loved colours includes calm, muted and natural shades as well as rich, mystic and intensive hues.

Apart from the forever popular white and light grey shades, here we listed our top sellers and crowd favorite colours for your inspiration: powdery rose, sage green, beige and dark blue.

Read further to find out the colours that our customers are most fond of.

soft rosy colour wall with natural material furniture and decor

Powdery rose

Powdery shades of rose and pink have their place among the most popular tones. They are easy to combine with other shades and create a soft and mellow atmosphere in any room. We are loving the look on Instagram image by @anniidajulia: the children's room with rattan furniture, cute baskets and our pink favourite, X420 Maiden.

beige in wall colour and bed headboard

Tones of beige

Shades of beige, sand and light brown work well together with a classical style, but feel right at home with a more individual interior as well. H484 Mulberry is one of our most loved beige tones, a calm, grayish beige that looks a little different depending on the lighting and surrounding colours. Instagram account @annehiekkaranta shows how H484 Mulberry creates a calm and dreamy background for the bed.

modern style home office with beige colour wall

If you like H484 Mulberry, you will probably also fancy our other favorite beige as well. V484 Driftwood is a little deeper and darker, yet calm, soft and velvety. Both colours work well on both bedroom and livingroom walls.

rich green colour wall in bedroom


Dark favourites

Emerald green M442 Fjord is our most popular rich green. It is intensive, rich and vivid, and makes a perfect couple, for example, for white, black, beige and different shades of wood. M442 Fjord is often used for an accent wall or to make the bedroom feel calmer and more intimate. @venlasof’s image on Instagram shows how M442 Fjord makes a beautiful base for some rays of sunlight.

dark intense blue colour wall in bedroom

Another dark favourite is deep blue N429 Denim: cozy as your favourite pair of jeans and atmospheric as the midnight sky. Use it for an accent wall or paint the whole room for a dramatic effect.

Hints of green

During the last few years we have seen an increasing interest in the colour green. Alongside green, other elements of nature are on the rise as well. Natural materials, muted tones and house plants bring a touch of nature to the interior.

The favourite greens in our palette are V447 Serpentine and N494 Nephrite. Both muted, natural and soft. Serpentine is a little lighter, sage-like grayish green, and Nephrite slightly darker, with hints of turquoise.

muted green colour wall with green plants
spacious living room with soft green colour wall

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