kids room with soft beige colour wall and pastel colour rainbow pattern

Fresh new shades for children's room

When painting a child’s room, you can play with different shades and colour combinations, realise your wildest ideas and let your kid take part in the decision making. Here is some inspiration for choosing the right colour and vibe.

When looking for the right colour for your child’s room, there is no need to be conservative. The children’s room is the playground of the house: use every creative idea you have and be bold with bright and intensive colours.

Bright and modern

Even though a children’s room should above all reflect the wishes and personality of the owner of the room, many families hope that the style of the whole house will stay unified. Especially in a kid's room, modern style doesn’t mean blank!  A children's room with colours in a cold, bright tune is a good match for a modern home. When you use fresh shades and pastel shades, with simple streamlined furniture, the style stays consistent.

When looking for something brisk and sweet, try bright orange, purple, beige and turquoise in modern, pastel tones. They are neutral, fresh and contemporary colours for any kid’s room, and you can mix and match them without hesitation.

light beige colour wall and built in shelf with colourful items

The background wall has a soft shade H405 Doll, the desk and cabinet are painted with a light beige  G467 Champignon and the bench with a lovely lilac X344 Minuet. An easy way to add colour is to paint wooden magazine cases with bright colours, as here with X344 Minuet, H405 Doll and Y354 Cumulus.

Painting a rainbow freehand is a fun project to do together with your child: let them pick their favourite colours and grab a brush. When every colour is in the same pastel tone, they will all match together.

The wall behind the desk is painted with rosy X420 Maiden, colours used in the rainbow besides X420 Maiden are soft pink Y411 Milkshake, luminous yellow H300 Lemonade, shimmering turquoise G371 Crystal and calming blue Y354 Cumulus.

kids room wall with pastel colour rainbow pattern

Or should you go for all blue? As always when painting at home, there are no rules. Let your child choose from a curated list, or even a complete colour collection, like Feel the Color.

light blue colour wall in kids room with blue colour desk and mint green colour chair

The wall is painted with breezy blue H440 Wave, the desk with sky blue H353 Forget me not and the bench with J442 Menthol.

kids room with green colour wall

No wonder that V447 Serpentine is one of our most popular greens. It has a calm undertone, which makes it smooth and soothing – a great shade for bedrooms or anywhere you want to create a cozy atmosphere.

The priority for most children is probably a room that is somehow fun. This is where you can use your kid’s imagination: what kind of figures and shapes could you paint on the walls? Be it a mystical garden, a zoo or random shapes here and there, the end result is colourful and creative.

Shades on the wall are V466 Lama, Y399 Cashew and G467 Champignon. A houseplant, a rattan chair and a toy basket in a natural material are on point with the earthy style.

kids room wall with muted beige and pastel colour patterns
kids room wall with muted beige and green colour patterns

The sprouting plant is painted with N494 Nephrite with Y399 Cashew on the background. Other colours used in the shapes are K396 Safari and V466 Lama.


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