festival dinner table with warm orange yellow wall background

Christmas in your true colours

The holiday season is all about you, your loved ones and your home. Create a festive feeling in a sustainable way by staying true to your colours and using your existing decor treasures.

It has finally arrived: the warm and cosy Christmas season. And the best part? It’s all about you and your loved ones. Christmas is the time for you to choose your own ways of relaxing and unwinding.

A cosy and a sustainable Christmas is created using the existing colours and items in your home. There’s no need to buy new decor items, if you assemble this year Christmas composition using your existing treasures with a touch of magic of colour.

Gather your dearest, precious objects on a table or a shelf and spice them up with organic details from nature: sticks, pine cones or branches. Seasonal fruit and spices turn into beautiful details when arranged together with candles or flowers.

festival dinner table with warm orange yellow wall background

Flamy orange

Do you see beauty in the deep and spicy shades of oranges and dried apricots, or fancy the earthy vibe of clay pots and vases? Collect all your favourite matching details together and sit down to enjoy some Christmas magic. The soft brownish orange K396 Safari on the wall, organic Christmas decorations such as dried slices of orange, combined with your precious home objects, evoke a minimalistic Christmas feel. All that’s left for you to do is enjoy the moment.

Beige wall, wooden chair and earthy colour tableware on dinner table

Beige aesthetics

Beautiful and serene beige deserves more admiration: it’s classical, cosy and simple, and current even after the holidays. Make your classical beige interior radiate a Christmas feeling by adding elements and spices of the holiday season. A small sheaf or a few straws capture the essence of the season. The comfortable yet elegant F466 Parchment surrounds you with all its warmth and calmness. Using and reusing the most beautiful dishes and festive objects in your home embodies a feeling of winter magic. Moreover, using organic materials and old favourites helps making your holidays more sustainable.

dark wooden shelf with decor items in front of soft lilac colour wall

Purple as a hyacinth

The Christmas ambience is just right when you use colours that make you feel at home. The modern and fresh shade of purple, like J426 Lilac – creates a soft yet surprisingly festival feel for Christmas. There’s no need to purchase anything new, if the ensemble is composed of a lilac hyacinth branch, pretty sticks, pine cones or any evergreen branches next to your favourite candle holder. As seen on the image, the scarce rays of sunlight during winter bring out all the features of J426 Lilac on the wall, changing from deep and intense on the right to light and airy on the left.

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