Hint of Rosa

Hint of Rosa

MAMI GO GO -blog Minttu painted a stunning wall in the bedroom with Tunto Hieno structural coatings in a day. The stunning finish is like a modern concrete wall with a touch of pale rosa.
Individual effect coating

Minttu treated the bedroom walls with Tunto  Hieno structural coatings in shades of Cloak M499, Plaster X487 and Mazeron H417 Feel the Color. Tunto Hieno is the finest structural coating in the Tunto series. It allows you to create a unique effect surface and fine-grained structure to the interior walls. By combining different working methods and colors, the potential for a Tunto surface is endless.

"At least I really like that end result. I think the dark wall surface fits nicely into the bedroom, which makes the concrete surface lighter again."

Minttu, Mami's GO GO blog

rough bedroom wall painted with tunto hieno
wall painted with tunto hieno
Putting the idea into practice

Tunto Hieno will dry quickly, so change can be done in one day.


Wipe the surface before treatment. If wall is dirty, wash the surface with Tikkurila Maalipesu according to instructions and let it dry.

Cover the floor with paper before painting. Tape strips and sockets with paint tape.

Partially painted wall

Prime the wall with full matt Harmony Paint in shade Cloak M499.

paints and rollers on the floor
3. MIX

Mix Tunto Hieno structure coating. Reserve each shade their own tray, mixing stick and roller. Pour the coating into trays.

Spreading the paint with roller

Spread Tunto Hieno different shades (Mazeron H417, Plaster X487 and Cloack M499) criss cross thickly with longpile roller for approximitely 1m² at a time.

Mami gogo blogger spreading the tunto hieno

Pattern the surface with plastic 

Pattern the surface with wallpaper spatula softly applying crisscross form, so that surface will have clear structure. Continue applying Tunto Hieno coating and patterning in crisscross form 1m² at a time.

Mami gogo blogger

Idea implemented by: Mami GO GO

The Mami GO GO blog gives you a peek into the life and home of Minttu. Sometimes the contents of the wardrobe, shopping bag and dinner plate are also revealed. Minttu is the single mother of two little boys who loves red lipstick, hates rush and sees beauty in everyday life.

Read Mittu's thoughts in her blog


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