popular exterior colours

Popular exterior colours

Dark favourites

The use of dark colours in wooden facades has increased in popularity in the last few years.

Dark tones often blend seamlessly into our landscape, so they make it easy to build a connection between the surrounding nature and the building. Dark facade colours do not automatically just mean black, but lovely, muted tones can be found also in darker colours, and the variation of natural light brings beautiful life to surfaces.

black shade Korppi
Black: D129 Korppi
dark brown Nuotio
Dark brown: Q829 Nuotio
dark grey Noki
Cold dark grey: Q841 Noki

White favourites

A white facade is a surface that stands out against the landscape, and it is noticeable already from a distance. A white facade has been popular throughout history and has previously signified important buildings. What would be more important than a home? When comparing white tones against nature, it can be seen that a totally pure white stands out as bright. A softer impression is given by a broken white, which blends more seamlessly into natural tones.

popular white exterior colour
Q818 Tiira
popular exterior white colour
Q608 Ranta
broken white Q819 Kide
Broken white Q819 Kide

Grey favourites

Grey does not by any means mean boring and colourless.

Finding a grey tone that matches your own mental image often takes a while, because the surroundings affect our perception and bring out the various tones of grey. Match your grey facade to your surroundings and enjoy the grey harmony. When a building is surrounded by green nature, it is a good idea to consider greys that have a hint of warm browns or greens. When the building is in surroundings where rocks and the sky dominate the landscape, a cool blue-grey can be just the right choice.

popular exterior colours
Cool blue-grey: Q845 Halli
popular exterior colours
Warm grey-brown: Q710 Aapa
popular exterior colours
Medium grey: Q827 Valli
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