painting balcony rails and entrance

Refreshing up entrance and balcony rails

Even the smallest details are important and can refresh the look of the space. Maiju Saw -blog's Maiju carried out a simple renovation of the balcony railings and the entrance pillars. It didn't take much time to complete, but brought the final touch to the look of the entire house!

The worn out surface of the balcony railings and entrance pillars received a freshen up treatment as Maiju grabbed the brush. The wooden railings were treated with Vinha paint to make them durable and the concrete pillars at the entrance got their finishing touches with the Yki socle paint.

To maintain a consistent look, both paints were tinted with a soft light colour, Seitti D118, which can be found on the Tikkurila Puutalo colour card. Gentle bright colour fits perfectly in the shades of the environment.

Balcony railings with fresh, newly painted look.
The neat entrance pillars give a groomed look at first glance.

Puuting the idea into practice

Painting balcony railings and entrance pillars does not take only a few hours, but the end result is rewarding. A carefully done small remodeling will last a long time!


Refreshing of wooden balcony railings

1. Cleaning

Wash worn, painted railings thoroughly with Tikkurila Homeenpoisto and allow them to dry properly. 

2. Remove loose paint

Remove possible peeling off old paint surfaces with for example rough sanding paper. 

3. Painting

Paint railings with Vinha paint for 1 - 2 times depending on the surface condition and desired end result. Let try thoroughly. 

Painting the inviting entrance poles


1. Remove loose paint

Remove possible loose old paint surfaces with for example rough sandpaper. 

2. Painting

Paint entrance pillars with 1 - 2 times Yki Socle paint. 

Idea implemented by: Maiju Saw

“I’m passionate about interior design and I love second-hand stores, so my blog is filled with design and affordable second-hand finds. I follow the trends and I’m not afraid of change."

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