black wall behind white fireplace

Tips for the perfect black and white interior

A black and white colour palette can be whatever you want: dramatic, mellow, minimalist or fresh. Either way, this classic combination is always sharp and timeless.

Black and white interior is a timeless classic: a pair of opposites in intensity and ambiance. If you enjoy minimalism and a sophisticated and fresh style, black and white offer a good base to build on.

modern bright living room with dark furniture and decor element

Mixing with balance

Both black and white provide a neutral foundation for other colours. Pastel and jewel shades shine when used in a white-based space, and a pinch of black makes for a great focal point in a room with lighter shades. Warm Y458 Merino is the perfect fundament for a serene atmosphere with black details.

bright white dinning area with light colour furniture

Classic white

A white wall in Tikkurila White is a classical choice. To make it soft and sharp at the same time, add layers of soft blankets, light shades of wood to bring warmth, and an element of black that grounds the space.

modern living room with white wall and bright red accent colour section

A pinch of colour

White surfaces alone may create an impression of flatness, but it can easily be avoided by adding texture and some variety in tones: use different shades of white for walls and the ceiling, and add deliberate pinches of colour.

Graphic patterns add dimension to the room, and are a wise way to keep the room nuanced and interesting. Use rugs, paintings and furniture with slim, black furniture legs to add details to a white space.

Or how about adding a statement colour or two? The white shade F497 Paper on the walls is brought to life by adding a drop of red M323 Hearts.

white dinning area with black accent wall

Shades of black

The room doesn’t need much more than a black wall to gain some depth and character – a black wall is a statement piece in itself.

Just as there are countless shades of white, there are also numerous shades of black. The mellow Y497 Toro is a lot softer compared to the dramatic Y498 Midnight. The picture shows velvety grayish black, Y500 Wrought iron, paired elegantly with white elements, a blonde wooden floor and a black and white photograph.

black panel wall in kids room

Texture makes a difference

A clever way to use black is in a translucent acrylic lacquer for a wooden panel: the outcome is intense but warm, with the grains of wood showing underneath. In the picture, the panel is treated with Paneeli-Ässä in the shade 3444 Blackberry.

dark wall in cosy bedroom

Calming feel

Black and white create serene atmosphere when used together, this opposites-attract pair is a good fit for bedrooms. Even an almost all-black bedroom doesn't have to feel rugged: just choose a soft shade of black or blackish grey that reflects some light, and pair it with white details, maybe a few accent shades in soft sheets and a stack of pillows. This dark, nest-like bedroom in S500 Turf is the perfect haven for sweet dreams in all colours.


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