A soft, hazy effect that makes a brilliant backdrop for a minimalist decor. The tangible texture makes rooms come to life in a natural way.

Combines stylishly with handmade wooden furniture and ceramics and soft lighting.


Harmony V484, Tunto Hieno V484 and Y487
Other colour options
Harmony and Tunto H497, Tunto H495
Harmony and Tunto G500, Tunto K498
Harmony and Tunto L487, Tunto N499
Harmony and Tunto K499, Tunto V487
Harmony and Tunto X459, Tunto Y462
How to implement the idea

Paint the entire surface with Harmony V484.

Apply Tunto Hieno with two different rollers V484 and Y487 to approximately one square meter at a time.

Even out the wet Tunto surface lightly with a wallpaper spatula by brushing crosswise to blend the colors.

Watch video how to paint effect wall (video in Finnish)


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