Unique 15 - Corrosion

Unique 15 - Corrosion

Tunto Hieno applied with a roller onto a base of Taika Pearl Paint

Shifts from shiny to matt create a lifelike impression of metallic corrosion.

The startling effect also makes a great backdrop for fascinating decorative arrangements.

Taika Pearl Paint 2032, Tunto Hieno N485
Color options
Taika 2027, Tunto K487
Taika 2077, Tunto N464 ir N411
Taika 2034, Tunto N494
Taika 2073, Tunto X459
Taika HM, Tunto X487
How to implement the idea

Paint the entire surface with Taika Pearl Paint 2032.

Apply Tunto Hieno N485 with a long nap paint roller using vertical strokes. Apply Tunto Hieno so lightly that some Taika paint remains visible.

Even the wet Tunto Hieno out lightly with a wallpaper spatula by using vertical strokes.

Watch a video on how to paint an effect wall with Tunto Hieno and Taika Pearl Paint (video in Finnish)


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