Unique 8 - Quarry

Finishing coat of Tunto Kivi

A minimalistic style with a natural, coarse finish that makes a good backdrop for modern furniture and organic details.

Combine with plywood and other wood materials as well as metal to create piquant details.

Other Color Options
Harmony X462, Tunto Kivi KP27
Harmony S471, Tunto Kivi KP31
Harmony L447, Tunto Kivi KP44
Harmony S500, Tunto Kivi KP49
Harmony K487, Tunto Kivi KPC
How to implement the idea

Paint the entire surface with Harmony Y487

Apply Tunto Kivi KPA with a steel spatula to about one square yard at a time. Let dry.

Apply another thin layer with a steel spatula, if necessary. Smear the surface immediately with plastic float applying slight pressure.

Watch a video on how to coat an effect wall with Tunto Kivi (video in Finnish)


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