Supi Saunasuoja

Tintable acrylic protective agent.

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Supi Saunasuoja

Tintable acrylic protective agent.

  • 805
  • 8 m2/l
  • 12 m2/l
  • 3 h
  • 0.5 h


  • Semi-matt


Tintable acrylic protective agent.

Product Features

For the surface treatment of humid interior spaces. Forms a dirt- and water-repellent coating. Contains an anti-mold agent that protects the treated surface. Suitable for the treatment of wooden, wood fiberboard and concrete surfaces. Not suitable for the treatment of sauna benches.

Recommended Uses

Especially suitable for walls and ceilings in steam, washing and dressing rooms.

Can Sizes

1,0 L, 10,0 L, 3,0 L


8–12 m²/l.



Application Method

brush, spraying

Why you should choose Supi Saunasuoja

A safe M1 category product

Supi Saunasuoja (Sauna Finish) is a tintable finish for wooden walls and ceilings in humid rooms. It contains an anti-mold agent. It forms a natural dirt- and water-repellent film.

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Supi sauna products are in the best M1 building material emission class. This means that no harmful substances evaporate from them into the indoor air.

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